Monday, October 18, 2010

Naruto lemons-longish results- NARUTO UZUMAKI If you dont like lemons, get out of here!

name: Luna Rayoku

age: 18 (everyone is)

The story starts here!!!!!!

UHH!! Ten-Ten was pushing me out of my apartment to go to Ino's party. She kinda acted like a bitch,  but she throws a good party. "COME ON LUNA!" Ten-ten was dragging me down the street to Inos modern home. Ten-Ten opened the door "Hi everyone!" ten-ten exclaimed, she just kept on giving Temari the evil eye. They hate each other deeply.
"Lets play a game!" Sakura taunts with her pink hair. "Lets play 60 minutes in heaven!" Wait......Oh...HELL NO!!! "WAIT WHAT DO YOU MEAN 60!" I screamed. 'Well, we used to play 7 minutes in heaven when we were kids, now we are 18 and we will play 60 minutes in heaven in a closet" Sakura cchimes. I bet shes hoping to get Sasuke. Hn, that emo jerk thinks he is so cool, but he is still a virgin. I hate to break the whole thing about losing my virginity, but I lost it to Neji. We were really drunk and you know things happen........

"Ok, now boys put a color in the top hat" Ino explains. After all the boys put colors in the top hat. "Luna you go 1st!" I inhaled deeply closed my eyes and put my hand in the hat. I grab peice of paper and I pull my hand out. I open my eyes to see orange. I had this crush on Naruto when we were kids, but he fell for Sakura. I felt so lonely, Shika had Temari, Neji with Ten-Ten, and Hinata with kiba (long story). Ino was with one of the aktsuki guys, sakura was with rock lee (another long story) Sasuke with no one and Naruto with no one and me with no one. I would rsther swallow a kunai then go out with Sasuke but Naruto he was another story.

"I-I-Its me!" Naruto shakily raise his hand. He was blushing and acting like Hinata. I bit my lip and trying hard not to blush. I grab his hand and brought naruto into the tiny closet. "So" poor red naruto was trying to spark up a conservation. "Naruto, just kiss me" even in the dark he was wide eye. "bu-" before he can say anything, i grab his collor and kissed him. He was licking my lips hungrily and I gladly accept. He was massaging my tounge. He was a really good kisser. He kiss my neck, my jawline, and my sensitive spot. "uhm naruto" I moan. I grind my womanhood on his buldge in the pants. He was panting and moaning louder "L-Luna" I could tell I was turning him on.  He took off my shirt and I unbutton his shirt. I took off my skirt and I was only wearing my lace underwear and bra. I took off his pants and showed his boxers.

We were kissing so passionatly and he was kissing my torso. He had a hard time taking off my bra. I giggled and took off the bra. He was massaging my left breast "So soft" he whispered. He was sucking on my nipples and I moan louder "naruto!" He was giving the same treatment to my right breast. "I want you so badly" he growl. Whoa never seen this side on him, it was just just sooo SEXY!

 I sucked on his neck, collarbone, and sensitive spot. "Oh.....Luna" I went down to kiss his abs. I took off his boxers and licked his tip of his dick. "Uh!! Luna!!" I massasging his tip and inserting him inside my mouth. He grab my hair not wanting me to stop. I suck him hard but ever so slowly. He was grunting and sweating. He loved what I was doing to him. There were condoms in the closet and he tore the the packet with his teeth and slid the condom on him. "Luna are you a virgin?" he ask. "No" I whisper. He look sad but the next second he said. "Your going to have the best sex ever. BELEIVE IT!" he was so childish yet so hot.

He inserted himself inside of me, it kinda hurt since is was only the 2nd time I had sex. But he came at a slow pace. We were both moaning already. He went faster and surge of pleasure went through me "UGH Naruto faster!!!" I scream!!! He went faster and harder "UGH LUNA YOUR SO TIGHT" naruto said while grunting. We were both moaning each others name. Then he went even harder, "ugh...UHm...UGhm!!!!!" we were moaning in sync. "Naruto!!!!!" "Luna!!!!" we both scream. We reach our climax and collapse. We were panting hard. "How much time do we have left?" I ask. "I dont care" he kissed me hard, ready for another round.